Welcome to my page, and you have my most sincere thanks for viewing.

I strive to always work hard, learn, study, and test myself artistically with every drawing.

I’d prefer to let my work speak for itself, but I don’t mind sharing some of my inspirations with you…often times these things can help to tell more about someone, right?

Currently a private school (k-12) art and photography teacher by day, and freelance production artist by night. My projects have ranged from commercial storyboards to providing some art assets for mobile games.

Growing up in the late 80’s to early 90’s, I believe my childhood was paramount in inspiring my art. Toriyama, Inoue, Capcom’s great artistic titles (Street Fighter, Vampire, Strider, Final Fight…to name a few) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Sonic the Hedgehog, vertical space shooter arcade games, hand-drawn (and painted) animation, 2-d sprite animation in games are formed the standard of what looked good when produced correctly.

When discussing the classic artists, I admire the works of Lysippos, Michelangelo, Hiroshige, Caravaggio, and Bernini. Many of my current favorite artists are sequential artists and animators, but my driving force of inspiration would be the Capcom Design team. (Namely Bengus and Ikeno)

Its notable to state that the above artists’ would meld concepts of form and lighting with shape and design found in nature, only adding tasteful alterations based upon their observations. Anyone who can do that, is probably an artist that I would like.

The names and properties listed above plus Kung Fu films (mainly those choreographed by Donnie Yen), have helped shape my vision of quality.

I also think Cilantro and Basil can go a long way in making anything taste amazing.

Thanks for viewing my blog.

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